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Tomorrow The Dance Begins

Today my agent called from his car.  He said that he had gotten my final revision with the one remaining actress gets a beefed up part.  Basically, what he and the producer wanted was for my Russian girl to be more “interesting”.  He said what he didn’t want was for that character to be a […]

Trying To Act Normal

I can truthfully type the following sentence.  In a few days, my script will be circulating Hollywood.  My script agent is in search of the biggest talent and directors.  My favorite actors, who I am in awe of, will be reading and visualizing themselves in a world I created just a few short weeks ago.  I have […]

What Timing!

Today we had our longtime friends the Scorgie family over to visit.  They were with us all morning.  When I finally got to my email and voicemail, I had a number of urgent calls from the producer’s office.  So I called, and was told that I have a script agent onboard.  She sent it to […]

The Adventure Begins!

Last week, I sent my screenplay to a film producer.  She was my entertainment attorney a long time ago, and when I looked up her up on google, I learned that she had become a producer, and had produced two of my favorite films.  Earlier, I had told her my basic plot synopsis and she kind of […]

Honey, I Wrote A Movie

A few weeks ago, our whole family was napping (we nap all day Sundays usually).  I woke up with the most crystal clear vision of a story about an issue that had been haunting me for months.  What if all of these data breaches you have been hearing on the news are just a rehearsal […]

Haunted Video

Watch this movie and read the lyrics to the song.  This film was done before the house fire.  I’m speechless. “To Build A Home” There is a house built out of stone Wooden floors, walls and window sills Tables and chairs worn by all of the dust This is a place where I don’t feel […]

Forecasting Is Determining Where Imbalances Will Ultimately Resolve

The above is a quote that has influenced me more than anything in my mature financial life.  It was from Alan Greenspan’s book.  He was the former Federal Reserve Chairman who had more power over our lives in the last generation than all of the US Presidents combined.  It was a fascinating book, and it […]

Why We Switched Back To Velcro

It’s hard to believe that in September of last year, the Lightsphere turned 10 years old.   During that time, we have had five generations of redesigns, each one responding to feedback from our over 1 million users.  In Generation IV, I invented a solid gripping mounting base that had a patented “shark’s teeth” grip […]

They’re Rehearsing

Today I was at Starbucks at around 4pm PST and as I pulled out my app to pay, the barrista told me that the payment system was down, and therefore the drinks were free.  This outage existed at least from 7pm EST to an early close of the stores in Manhattan at 9pm vs 10pm. […]

Trust Me, Now I Read Every Word Of My Insurance Policy!

We all buy insurance because we know we “should”.  Who wants to be uninsured?  The phrase, “when disaster strikes…will you be prepared…” on advertising is about the only marketing that an insurance company really does.  I think they are missing a huge opportunity for merchandising. Your insurance agent has a huge responsibility, and that is, […]

The Inside Of Suicide

So hard to hear this news. One of our top photographers and educators has died. I have not heard directly to confirm that he took his own life, but this is what is being said. You will also read that he was distraught by how his professional photography business added to his unbearable pain and […]

gary fong sony xperia vs iphone

Switching from iPhone 6Plus to Sony Xperia z3 Android

I am not a Sony endorser.  I have no formal relationship with Sony but it sure looks that way to many people because I have switched all of my photographic gear to Sony. And now, with a sheepish expression, I’m about to discuss why I have set aside my Apple iPhone 6 plus for the […]

Revisiting The Site Of The Fire (by Melissa)

From Gary:  I had very strong thoughts about not visiting the burn site.  I wanted to remember our home the way it was when we last saw it, as we closed the door behind us for the last time.  Looking back on my life, no “last time” ever stands out as significant.  Everything is fine and normal, […]

Letting Yourself Go In Character

I always have envied actors.  People who could pretend to be someone else in another situation in front of a camera, and not feel all silly inside.  I have been on movie sets and have been amazed at how people can instantly become something else once the director yells, “action”. In mid January, my friend […]

WPPI Center For The Performing Arts

Our big trip to Las Vegas for the yearly WPPI Convention is over, and the whole thing was surreal.  It was overwhelmingly too great to absorb.  I got to spend a week with my team, Justin, Kyle and Sadie.  Sadie is our new Social Media Marketing Director, and it was a great opportunity to put […]