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French Lighting Seminar From Paris!!

I absolutely love giving classes in my other languages. I’m in France a lot and we have a strong following there thanks to my friends at Kerpix.fr, our sole distributors in France. Camera enthusiasts have a very advanced level of sophistication when it comes to photography. There are a lot of great photographers over there, […]

Haunted Video

Watch this movie and read the lyrics to the song.  This film was done before the house fire.  I’m speechless. “To Build A Home” There is a house built out of stone Wooden floors, walls and window sills Tables and chairs worn by all of the dust This is a place where I don’t feel […]

Why We Switched Back To Velcro

It’s hard to believe that in September of last year, the Lightsphere turned 10 years old.   During that time, we have had five generations of redesigns, each one responding to feedback from our over 1 million users.  In Generation IV, I invented a solid gripping mounting base that had a patented “shark’s teeth” grip […]