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Shoot For Blanks

It all starts here… on a blank white page. A blank white page demands your creativity. A blank white page says, “so, what do you want to do, boss?”. Many people dread facing the blank white page. I love it. I had a photography student at CalArts approach me in a panic for advice. She […]

Best Friends Movie with Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero

We’ve been very, very quiet about our upcoming Feature Film, “Best Friends” (widely misquoted as ‘Best F(r)iends) starring Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero. Today the Hollywood Reporter got the exclusive for our movie, and it’s been picked up by other outlets, such as The Rolling Stone and Entertainment Weekly. It is such a pleasure to work […]


  In one of the most – if not the most – ridiculous and tragic situations I’ve ever witnessed, a professional blogger and “social media expert”, Neely Moldovan and her husband Andrew (who works as the IT security engineer for the Federal Bank in Dallas) colluded in an elaborate and coordinated effort to disparage, attack […]

I Took This Photo In Nice, A Few Weeks Ago

Nice saved me from insanity. I got an apartment in nearby Villefranche Sur Mer right after I retired from photographing weddings. I was pretty beat up. I had just spent countless hours with everybody at Pictage struggling to survive. I did that for nineteen months, and things were bad. We were nearly out of money and […]

French Lighting Seminar From Paris!!

I absolutely love giving classes in my other languages. I’m in France a lot and we have a strong following there thanks to my friends at Kerpix.fr, our sole distributors in France. Camera enthusiasts have a very advanced level of sophistication when it comes to photography. There are a lot of great photographers over there, […]

Eating Alone In Restaurants

When I am in Los Angeles or New York I would say one out of four tables would have a solo diner. We live in a town where there is rarely a solo diner. Only lately have I even noticed it. Everything I can do for work, I can do with this little Rose Gold […]

Pricing And Perception

This painting, by Mark Rothko, sold for nearly $87 million dollars in 2012. It baffles me. I would rather like it if he sold 87 million of these, at a buck each. But such is the perception game. It’s a game! I want my eyes to “see” the magic. Mr. Rothko, what is it we’re looking […]

A Man And His Guitar

Last week I had the most exciting day in London interviewing and shooting with Scarlet Page and interviewing her about her book, “The Resonators”. It is a book of portraits of legendary guitarists with their favorite guitars. I bought a couple of originals from her that she took of her dad, Jimmy Page and Paul […]

I Forgot The Password To This Blog!

I haven’t written since December – which is an eternity for me because so much has gone on. I am writing my sixth screenplay right now. A lot has gone on with producers, directors and story development in the current ones that are making the rounds. Not much to write about there, other than it looks […]

Me and Greg Sestero

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When we were all in Hawaii, I was joking to Justin about how silly I must appear to some people… guy with money decides he’s going to try to make it in Hollywood. And so he told me about Tommy Wiseau and the movie, “The Room”. In short, Tommy is a successful entrepreneur who decides […]

Finished My First Page One Rewrite!

After I had finished “For Better Or Else”, my agent suggested that I take out the “life coach”. The reason was twofold; 1) the Life Coach took too much initiative away from my very intelligent main character, and 2) It bended genres. It looks like a romantic comedy, but it’s a buddy movie. We met […]

About The Bride Who Planned A Wedding With No Groom

Last night, I wrote “THE END” to “FOR BETTER OR ELSE”, my first comedy. It’s based on a true story of a bride that wanted to book me to photograph her wedding but she didn’t have a groom yet! She had a beautiful wedding planned. She had the venue, the orchestra, the florist and was filling out […]

Second Screenplay Is Finished! (How I wrote it)

I’m on a roll. The second one is now in the hands of my agent and producer. I’m excited about it, because it is so different than the first. No news on the first one, still in the meeting with producers phase which surprisingly becomes normal quickly. My next scheduled meeting is with the producer […]

First Meeting With A Movie Producer

I had my first producer meeting a few days ago. This was setup by my agent, and was called a “general” meeting. A general meeting has no agenda, it’s just a simple meeting to get acquainted. It is always such a rush to get past doors closed to the general public. I remember the first […]

Famous People Are Somewhat Like Us

I’m in Portland at a meeting with Sony executives and influential people from the media.  The President of Sony is here, the heads of the Sony Alpha category, even the two engineers responsible for auto-focus and sensor technology.  Guy Kawasaki is here.  If you have heard of the words, “Apple” and “Macintosh” together, it’s largely […]