French Lighting Seminar From Paris!!

I absolutely love giving classes in my other languages. I’m in France a lot and we have a strong following there thanks to my friends at, our sole distributors in France. Camera enthusiasts have a very advanced level of sophistication when it comes to photography. There are a lot of great photographers over there, because it’s a beautiful part of the world to have a camera.

Normally my trips to Europe are very taxing and exhausting because not only am I giving the presentations, I’m also filming them. This time I brought Justin MacGregor, who brought his brother Kris for the trip. All three of us speak French so we had a lot of fun hanging out with the locals and spreading our style of North American humor (which few seemed to get!)

In September, I am going to be giving a class in Lima, Peru in Spanish. Spanish is actually my second language, French is my third, but I use french a lot more because I’ve been speaking it to the kids since they were born.

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