Eating Alone In Restaurants

When I am in Los Angeles or New York I would say one out of four tables would have a solo diner. We live in a town where there is rarely a solo diner. Only lately have I even noticed it.

Everything I can do for work, I can do with this little Rose Gold Macbook Pro. And since I travel a lot lot (photo above was taken at Villefrance Sur Mer, France) I have just become so accustomed to┬ábeing on my laptop, taking calls, that I’m in my own little bubble.

I don’t really care what people think. If I did I’d dress better? Here’s more concrete proof that I don’t care:

About a month ago, I was staying at the Peninsula in New York and way too tired to go out in the rain and look for a restaurant. It was a pretty nice restaurant from what I could gather. I was working out a particularly difficult scene. I had a character who had to be in the scene, but had no words that had to be said to carry the plot forward. What do I do with this guy? So what I do is close my eyes (for some reason looking up at the ceiling is mandatory); picture myself on a movie set with all of the actors in place, and then I literally say, “Action!” out loud. I let the actors go and say what they’re going to say, while I watch the make-believe scene unfold. If it works, I write it down. If it doesn’t, I tell the actors to try another take until we get it right.

I did this over and over and over until I didn’t realize that the restaurant was closed and I was the last one left. Finished the scene, though.

Here in Kelowna, I work in my office downtown 9-5, so lunch is laptops and a restaurant with a quiet section (I think that’s table 13 at Joey, and table 64 at CCKYC?). I write and I take calls. Of course I have friends, and I of course have my family. But I find lunch a great opportunity for me to be inside my bubble and write.

Oh – one semi-pet-peeve: If you want to say hi, or have a selfie I’m always receptive. But it makes me nervous when people say at restaurants “I debated for a long time before coming up and saying hi”. I had that happen one time at a McDonald’s, and I was so hungry I was eating five Chicken McNuggets at a time. As soon as I sat down. That’s where the guy probably first noticed that I was there.

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