Pricing And Perception

This painting, by Mark Rothko, sold for nearly $87 million dollars in 2012.


It baffles me. I would rather like it if he sold 87 million of these, at a buck each. But such is the perception game. It’s a game!

I want my eyes to “see” the magic. Mr. Rothko, what is it we’re looking at here? Did you use a paint roller, then set it out in the rain? Someone help me to have taste. Because that’s the only way I would fork out 87 million dollars on this rather than 43 Bugatti Veyrons or a pair of Boeing 737 Business Jets.

If you earned $45,000 a year, it would take you two thousand years to earn one of these babies.

This is an extreme (but not rare) example of how skewed it is for the super rich. And if you think this is silly, google, CY TWOMBLY BLACKBOARD COVERED IN SCRIBBLES. $70 million dollars. 

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