A Man And His Guitar

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Last week I had the most exciting day in London interviewing and shooting with Scarlet Page and interviewing her about her book, “The Resonators”. It is a book of portraits of legendary guitarists with their favorite guitars. I bought a couple of originals from her that she took of her dad, Jimmy Page and Paul McCartney.
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Scarlet Page

She brought guitarist Tommy Gleeson as the subject. The idea was that I would basically be her lighting assistant for the portrait. As I sat with Tommy watching him pull this beautiful Les Paul Standard from his case, I got completely sucked into an impromptu interview of the relationship a guitarist has with his guitar. The guitar is the voice reflecting the sound you hear inside you. The guitar that means the most to me is my 1972 Gibson Les Paul Custom that I bought when I was sixteen years old, from singer Andy Williams. 

 Talking to Tommy reminded me of how much I am a guitarist. Our impromptu interview made it to tape, which is now being edited. I just spent about an hour mesmerized by Tommy’s YouTubes from Slaves To Gravity.
My favorite album of all time. Who knew Jimmy Page would later switch the title to “The Fong Remains The Same”
I know Scarlet because when I was featured in Guitar Aficionado magazine. I was excited about it, so I posted how cool it would be if Jimmy Page saw me in the magazine. One of my Facebook friends, fellow author Elle Zober said that his Jimmy’s daughter Scarlet knew who I was through my products. That is the path that got me the signed LP Box set.
gary fong guitar aficionadoGuitar is what got me from being shy. No really, I was shy when I was eight. Then I learned performing onstage at Westchester High School – IMHO was the School Of Performing Arts in Los Angeles. Put them together, and you have my live performance in Las Vegas with the Triple Scoop band.

Few things amaze me because of the things I’ve seen. But what a small, connected world it is. Jimmy Page was my complete and total idol during high school. I memorized every single song on the album (proof below offered). Then I get my album box set signed by Jimmy (and also a rare glimpse of his very sharp sense of humor).

It’s neat to have made friends with Scarlet and Tommy. I’m drawn to passionate people. These two are among the most passionate.


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