Why We Switched Back To Velcro

It’s hard to believe that in September of last year, the Lightsphere turned 10 years old.   During that time, we have had five generations of redesigns, each one responding to feedback from our over 1 million users.  In Generation IV, I invented a solid gripping mounting base that had a patented “shark’s teeth” grip – which had the biting edge designed so that the unit was easier to put on and harder to remove.  It was nearly a perfect design – provided the flash was of a ‘medium’ size.  If the flashes were too small or too large, the solid ring would be too easy to fall off, or too hard to put on.

So we went back to velcro belts, but with four flexible tabs that bend and mold when tightened.  If you think about it, nothing beats a velcro band for grip.  When you pull tight on the belt – especially against a cushiony surface – you create the ultimate grip.  Then the velcro belt simply folds over in place, and you have a customizable, unbeatable tight grip.

I’ve seen accessories say, “eliminate the need for velcro”.  I agree – if the velcro requires that you use the adhesive directly onto your flash.  We use no adhesives anywhere.



Some of the people in my group thought it would look like an about-face.  I was one of the people who was really thrilled that the velcro belt was gone.  I patented that design and we sold a lot of them.  Now all of a sudden we were going back to velcro?

Of course we would.  We do anything that is better.  The difference with the generation five velcro design is that it does not require the silicone band underneath the hard plastic.  And the entire dome pops flat into a 1″ thick disk.  Nobody has a design like this.  It also absolutely will not come out when attached.  It’s strong enough that you can pick up your camera/flash/tripod by the mounted diffuser.

Lastly, by utility design, it is the only flash modifier that allows you to shoot bare flash into the ceiling direct, while being surrounded by a diffuse bounce material.  Nobody else can do that, and that is one of the most important aspects of the design of the Lightsphere.  It’s open to the top.  This directs light everywhere in an enclosed room, which gives it that invisible flash effect.

Velcro sucks if it requires that you ‘glue’ the hook part to your flash.  We would never do that to deface your flash.  There is nothing superior for speed in mounting and strength of hold.  If there was, we would switch to it right away.

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    I’ve used the collapsible Lightshphere for a couple of years. It is not the easiest thing in the world to put on a flash. But I think the little extra effort is worth it. I’m confident that it’s not going to fall off even if it gets bumped or slammed against in a crowded dance floor.

    But it’s cool to know that there is a team behind these products that is always looking to do better. Big WISCONSIN CHEESE CURD love to everyone who is a part of these.

    And thanks….the Lightsphere is really helpful and one of my “don’t leave home without it” items.

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    Cannot wait to order One of your kits.

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    i love the light sphere, this is an awesome product that I use a lot. Exactly right about bare flash bounce! Thanks for making my photography better! I endorse this to every photographer that I meet! 10 years and still works like a charm! Go Velcro!

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    I really like the photos with the lightsphere, but I have the all rubber mount and like stated it is a pain. Can’t afford to just replace it so I will have to live with it.

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