Letting Yourself Go In Character

I always have envied actors.  People who could pretend to be someone else in another situation in front of a camera, and not feel all silly inside.  I have been on movie sets and have been amazed at how people can instantly become something else once the director yells, “action”.

In mid January, my friend Jerry Ghionis asked me to be in a spoof video of “Shark Tank” (in Canada, known as “Dragon’s Den”).  The concept was that I would face three mean entrepreneurs who would deny me financing because my Lightsphere idea sucked.  I have often joked about that very thing.  If I went to Shark Tank, and showed them my invention, how fast would they throw me out?  Would they ever believe this was a $60 million dollar idea?  So when the idea came to do a comedy video, I said sure.

The only thing was, this was three days after our fire.  I was desperately sad, and I didn’t want to do it.  I didn’t want to work, and I didn’t want to go to WPPI, the biggest photography convention for our industry.  I had already agreed to speak there, and play guitar in a band, and play piano in another program.  Now it was to appear in a silly video.  Jerry and Melissa Ghionis don’t know this, but I really didn’t want to go.

Once I got there, they handed me a script that they had worked out, and it was pretty funny.  But once we started filming everybody, I actually welcomed the idea of becoming someone else.  I could completely lose myself being silly as someone else.  And it was crazy fun.

Bambi Cantrell was crying laughing and had to reapply her makeup twice.  Jerry fell on the floor.  It was powerful making people laugh.

The video was meant for the awards ceremony at the convention.  I waited until it was played live to see it with the audience.  You can hear my laughter clearly in the video.

Comedy seems like a ton of fun, but for me only if it is spontaneous and fresh.  If I had to do the same act repeatedly, that would be so dull.   But here is spontaneous!

I'm an author, photographer, entrepreneur, musician, husband and parent of twins. And most currently, screenwriter

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    Thanks for the laugh out loud video! That was hysterical.

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