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My wife Melissa wrote this beautiful article about an item that is terribly important to my son.  She is a stunningly beautiful woman on the inside as well as the outside.  I don’t know who is luckier, my kids (who have such a wonderful mom) or us, having such beautiful kids.


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I have quite the story to share about Wesley’s absolute favorite item in the world. Back on Jan 2, we were packing up to leave the ranch for the very last time. There was craziness in the house as we were all walking around in different directions trying to find everything we needed so we could make it on time for our flight. Wesley walked up to me with his stuffy dog, aka “bunny” (it’s actually a dog, but it’s name is Bunny) and he said “Hey mom, I want to put this in my suitcase and take it with us to California” and I said “Oh yes, definitely” then I looked at Megan and said “wouldn’t that be tragic if we left it here?!?!” and she said “ummm yeah, I’d be overnighting that thing to you right away!”

We continued running around, packing and getting ready to leave for the airport. We busted out of there (after dealing with the dead car battery from a light left on the night before) and made it to the airport just in time. We traveled all day, with 2 flights, including delays. On the last flight, Wesley was sitting next to me and said “Mom, can I have my bunny?”. All of a sudden it hit me! I didn’t remember watching him actually put it in the suitcase. AHHHHHHHH shooooot!!! So I got off the plane and searched through the carryon bags. No bunny. We get in the car and he starts crying and begging for his bunny. I’m thinking…Why me?! Why is this happening?!?! WHY didn’t I put it in the suitcase?!?! This bunny is his comfort. It’s his soothing item that puts him to sleep, calms him down, makes him feel safe. It is THE item we take everywhere we travel and the one thing he needs every night to go to bed. He has this specific routine that he and only he knows how to do during the soothing process with this Bunny. First he flips it around so the the soft part is on the outside. Then he puts it up to his lips and tests it to be sure he flipped it properly. Then he flips it again, tests, flips, tests… again and again until it’s just right. Then he just slightly dabs it up against his mouth so he can feel the silk on his lips. Sometimes if it’s laying on the couch, he’ll walk by it and just get a quick dab on his mouth as he’s passing by. It’s the most hilarious thing to watch in person and on the baby video monitor. We see the fabric being tossed around until it’s just right.

Soo…We get to the rental house, I look in the checked bags. No bunny. This is just getting worse. So I have to explain to a 3 year old that we can’t just “go get it” like he keeps asking. I tell him over and over that we left it at home and we aren’t anywhere close to home… we are far far away and it took us all day to travel to where we are now. I immediately think…. it will NEED to be overnighted because I am not having this conversation every day for the next 3 weeks.

The morning comes and I get nervous about shipping it. I think about all the worse case scenarios… what if it gets stuck at the border, what if it gets lost in the mail, it gets delivered to the wrong location, someone steals the package from the front porch…. ahhhh I start to stress. So I cancel the message to Megan about shipping it. I know Justin is flying down the following week, I decide the safest thing is to have him bring it down with him. In the meantime I look at all the baby stores for the possibility of finding a new one (even though it was purchased 4 years ago). I then contact the person that bought it for us (Gary’s tooling guy/plant manager Steve Vawter) He says the store he bought it from closed down. No luck, I can’t find it anywhere.

Every day, every time Wesley starts to feel sleepy or cranky, he asks for it. He keeps saying “Mom, I want my special bunny. It’s special to me. Can I have it?” Now my heart is breaking. Ugh It’s been 6 nights that he hasn’t had it and we still have 5 more to go until Justin arrives.

Friday (4 days before Justin is scheduled to leave) Megan happens to be working up at the ranch when she figures, why not contact Justin today and make the drop. They schedule a meet and the Bunny is delivered to Justin. Ahh one step closer to peace. Not even 48 hours later, the house burns down. Bunny made it out just in time.

Justin arrives in Manhattan Beach on Tuesday and Wesley is reunited with the bunny. All is well with him and now I can stop stressing about it.

I decide that was too miserable, I need to find a backup. So I continue my search. The Bunny’s tags are all worn off, so I can’t even find a name on it. I have no idea what company makes it, but I keep searching in California, then online, …. I fly home to Kelowna, look there. Still, no silky dogs (aka, Bunny) to be found.

Over 2 months later, we are standing in line at the passport office in Los Angeles and a woman says to us “oh my gosh, your kids are so cute”. Wesley looks at her and holds his Bunny up and says “This is my Bunny” she follows by saying, “I see that, it IS your bunny, I know all about those, my daughter here has 8 of them. We reorder them all the time”. I jump in the conversation and say… “ahhhh WHAT?!?!! Ummm excuse me, what did you say????” She explains, “yeah my daughter is attached to them as well… 10 years old, she still sleeps with one, we replenish them all the time, you can get them from FAO Schwarz” as she is saying this I am grabbing a pen and writing it down on my hand. The moment I find a seat, I grab my phone and start looking it up. Ugh the website is full of products, how am I going to find this particular item. I search in all the sections I can think that it would be in… boys, toddlers, babies, 0-12 months, toys, stuffed animals…. nothing. It’s not coming up anywhere. Gary says “you want me to go back and ask her what it’s called” … ummm yes!

She says she doesn’t remember, but when she gets home she can look and text us the info (they exchange numbers). She believes it’s in the baby blanket section. I check there.. bam! I find it. It looks very similar, but it doesn’t have a hat like his does. Close enough, I will order 5 of them when I get home.

Meanwhile, Gary takes Wesley in the hall for misbehaving. Wesley gets mad in the hall and chucks his Bunny. Where does it land?…. right in the janitor’s mop bucket. UGH Now it’s dirty and soaking wet. He’s upset, he wants to snuggy with it. I can’t fix this. WHY!?! ahhhh

He falls asleep in the car and when we wakes up for lunch, the uncontrollable crying starts. He wants his bunny. It’s wet. It’s disgusting. He’s miserable. Again, I can’t wait for a replacement!!!!!

Today, (one week later) I am finally online to order more, 5 to be exact and when I try to complete my order it says there is only 1 left in stock. I feel like I need to press the order button as fast as I can before someone else takes it. I do. The order goes through.

Then I think, ah let me just google the name of this item to see if anyone else has it. So I type in “Bunnies By The Bay Buddy Blanket, Skipit” … what do you know.. Amazon.ca has it and it’s the EXACT same as Wesley’s. My day has been made!! I order 3 (cancel the other one) and now I sit and wait for that special package to arrive at our door next week. I cannot wait for him to open it.

(Ps… this was such a long post, but part of me typed it out so that I can share the story with him when I print another year of Facebook statuses through Social Books)

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